Licensing and Market Assessments

Our professionals are routinely involved in advising and performing due diligence for law firms, corporations, government agencies, and universities in connection with the licensing, sale, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Such work has included identifying and/or estimating the sales and profits of potential royalty bearing products, evaluation of relevant market and products, assessment of related technological and competitive landscape, consideration of economic licensing terms, advising in licensing negotiations, and preparation of offering memorandums for potential buyers and licensees. This work has been done in such contexts as:
  • University technology transfers and licensing
  • Proposed joint ventures based on technological innovations
  • Evaluation of intellectual property rights for investors in startup businesses
  • Review of economic terms of proposed licenses for and between individual inventors, law firms, corporations, and universities in the case of license negotiations
  • Generational transfers of intellectual property rights
  • Identification of potential licensees
  • Market and industry assessments for licensing
  • Enforcement actions, including pre-litigation assessments